Final UFIREG Conference "Ultrafine Particles and Health", 28.11.2014, Dresden

The aim of the conference was to present the results of the project and to discuss existing and new knowledge about UFP with regards to their determination in air, sources, health effects, mitigation measures, and possible regulations. Eighty scientists and representatives of research institutes, the public and the private sector from 10 European countries participated in the conference held on 28 November 2014 in Dresden (Germany)

Conference programme

Themenabend "Ultrafeine Partikel und Gesundheit", 27.11.2014, Dresden

UFIREG partners presented UFIREG results at a public event in Dresden (Germany) on 27 November 2014. The conference opened with a guided tour with a mobile particle counter through the streets of Dresden to raise public awareness of traffic as one of the leading sources of UFP


Press article "Gefährliche Luft", Sächsische Zeitung 29.11.2014

Konference "Ultrajemné částice v ovzduší a zdraví – výsledky projektu UFIREG", 04.11.2014, Prague

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